We are contacting each candidate for Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield and Weoley wards and giving them the opportunity to write ‘500 Words’ describing themselves and their campaign. Each submission will be published here, without editing. You will be able to view all of the series by clicking the ‘500 Words’ tag.

Here is a submission is from Rob Ball.

Rob Ball Liberal Democrats King's Norton

Name: Robert Ball
Ward: King’s Norton
Party: Liberal Democrats
Website: www.naturallyconcerned.com
Email: rob.ball@naturallyconcerned.com
Phone: 07850 954075

The Liberal Democrats are in coalition in both national and local government. No longer can a vote for the Lib Dems be deemed as wasted. Our influence, in difficult times, has been a very important factor in ensuring the impact on people is the main consideration. There are hard choices to be made but the focus must be identifying the priorities and making sure people experience high levels of service.

City Councillors have the opportunity to make a very direct impact on the lives of local people, to solve the problems making life more difficult and to take actions to ensure we all live in a wonderful place. It isn’t about personal ego but it is about recognising the responsibilities that come with the role. It isn’t about personal ambition but it is about hopes for the community.

I am standing in King’s Norton because it matters to me. I lived for many years in the Ward. For five years I sat on the Three Estates Development Board, which allowed me to see what intelligent community action can achieve. There would have been even more progress if the residents had had a less political guidance.

My education was at Cotteridge Primary and King’s Norton Boys School. My daughter attended Fairway Junior and Infant School and I was Chairman of Governors for five years.

Whilst my daughter and I now run a company called Naturally Concerned, I was in Human Resources in MG Rover Group and its predecessors for most of my career, being made redundant with everyone else in 2005. Politically, I am passionate about democracy, justice and true fairness. Personally, my passions are Warwickshire County Cricket Club, Birmingham City F.C.(sorry), animal conservation and my (six) cats.

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