We are contacting each candidate for Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield and Weoley wards and giving them the opportunity to write ’500 Words’ describing themselves and their campaign. Each submission will be published here, without editing. You will be able to view all of the series by clicking the ’500 Words’ tag.

Our newest submission here from current Northfield councillor Reg Corns.

Name: Reg Corns
Ward: Northfield
Party: Conservative Party
Email: raco@sky.com
Phone: 0121 458 1798

Reg and his wife Pam are Birmingham born.  They have two boys.  Antony and Richard whose wife Claire is due a baby in September. This will be their first grandchild.

His interest is totally to do with children. As an ex child in care he believes  his experiences inspire his work  for the residents of Northfield ward on the Vulnerable Children’s  Overview and Scrutiny committee and The Foster and Adoption panels in the placement of children in good homes .

He further represents Northfield as a governor of the Crisis Ctr which gives secure accommodation to mothers and children who have been the victims of domestic violence.  Also the Middlemore Family Trust that helps vulnerable families. He has strong views on the lettings policy of the housing dept as it applies to fairness and hope in the transfer system for families in flats he expressed that view at the last City Council Meeting.

Reg is well-known for his opinions on the Children Social Services Committee . His opinions are frequently reported.

In Northfield ward he has three advice bureaux per month and believes that anyone with a problem should have telephone access directly. And so it is either Reg or his wife Pam answers the phone. He is also available on Email at raco@sky.com

There are many issues with which he deals with in Northfield from Planning and Licensing applications, the new Longbridge development again with strong views about its purpose. Also car parking and housing issues. He believes a review of the sheltered accommodation for the elderly should be a priority. He also believes play areas are very important in a child’s development. He is proud that with Councillors les Lawrence and Randal Brew children  in Northfield ward have reaped the benefit from one play area not so long ago to five  now up and running . A further two being installed and plans for a further play area as soon as approval is given.

Reg together with fellow Councillors  have lead the way in getting the Pedestrian crossing soon to be reinstalled on the High street by the post office. This is important for the disabled especially the blind to cross the road.

Reg works hard for the people of Northfield and as said, is always available.

In return his office as Councillor allows him to do what is his passion and that is his work with the offspring of the British Home Children in Canada.  These are children transported from Birmingham to Canada in the past. As a child he was close to  being transported himself. Descendants are today searching for relatives in Birmingham.  Many of us even now, have relations in Canada and do not know it.

Reg has  completed a novel based on the lives of two Irish families their experiences during and after The Great Irish potato Famine. It is to be published later this year.

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