Frankley’s Year 9 pupils create a newsletter in a day to show just how far they’ve come.

Thursday 3rd March 2011… Five hours and counting… 27 Year 9 students, one journalist, Kerry from Fused magazine, Ms Fairburn – assistant head teacher and Chris Bishop from Birmingham’s Education Enterprise Services BXL

And the result?

A session from our superb journalist to give background information to her role as editor; an experienced adult to support students in creating their articles, a teacher who gave students the knowledge of how to use the correct conventions; interview techniques taught; topic headings chosen; two editors picked by their peers and a deadline given! Phew… and that was just within the first two hours.

With scarcely three hours remaining, in groups of two to four, students met with their prospective ‘clients’ to interview them, take pictures and create their articles.

The brief of the day was to ensure that parents of young children in the community realised how far the school had come and what had been achieved at Frankley in such a short space of time.

The results were superb: articles about our new head teacher, Mrs Harris, and her views on her new position; the regeneration of Frankley and other features on the PE, art, technology and drama department. Not forgetting, our community library, the use of the City Learning Centre, the new MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) and our youth club.

Students focused on gaining TRICS throughout the day: the development of team, reflective, independent and creative skills. The two editors, Calum Maguire and Charlotte Poolton (pictured) did a superb job of keeping the group on task, managing time and ensuring the deadline was met. All students rose to the challenge and met their deadline on the nose! A superb feat for a group of thirteen year olds!

Chris Bishop stated that “…the students’ behaviour was superb and they were a credit to our school. A pleasure to work with.”  He stated that the school was a very different place to what it used to be when he worked at Frankley before.

Copies of the publication will be sent to four of our feeder schools to demonstrate how well our pupils have achieved and to confirm just how far our wonderful school, Frankley, has come.


Article written and provided by Frankley Community High School.
Well done to all involved. Another great project from Frankley High School! < Sas


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