Colmers School Council Solve Serious Safety Problem


Pupils on Colmers School’s school council have identified and worked hard at solving a serious safety issue at the school.  Council members were eager to try and resolve the issue around parking and pupil safety at the main car park on the site.

The site off Bristol Road South in Rednal, is named after the  farm which used to stand there and consists of Colmers School (secondary), Colmers Farm Junior School, Colmers Farm Infant School and Rubery Nursery and Children’s Centre. Around 1700 pupils access the site daily. Parking in the West Car Park has been a problem for a number of years, with cars taking or dropping children to the schools clashing with pupils walking through to access the site. Following several bumps and scrapes to vehicles, school council members identified that the situation of pupils walking through such a congested car park was “an accident waiting to happen” and were determined to find a solution.

After much hard work on their part, eventually winning the support of Morrisons Supermarket next door, the youngsters believe they have finally found  the best plan of action and plans for change have been set in  motion with help from Morrisons and school staff.

Yesterday school council members, along with staff from all four schools on the site, presented their plans at two public consultation meetings regarding the issue yesterday and answered questions and concerns raised.

Morrisons will allow parents to park in coloured spaces in their car park and a gateway will be opened between Morrisons car park and the Junior school’s staff car park, with a fenced path leading around into the junior school playground.

West Car park will be for staff cars and secondary school “drop-offs” only.

This will ease the amount of traffic entering the car park before and after school.

In addition, pedestrians will be asked not to walk through the car park once changes have been made. They will be advised to use the alternative routes, through the new gateway or down the Fordrough (the pathway between the East & West buildings of Colmers school).

The new gateway and fencing will be part funded by monies raised by both Morrisons and Colmers School council, who have held fundraising bag-pack events in the store.

Work should begin sometime in April.

Well done to all involved!





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