The Tantrums | by Andy Watson |
The Tantrums | by Andy Watson |

Josh, Simon, Stu and Carl first started making music together when they were about twelve years old. These four Northfield lads, along with Anna, now make up indie/punk/dub step band, The Tantrums. Now, having toured with names such as The Twang and Bombay Bicycle Club, The Tantrums are on the up.

We asked Josh (left) a few questions by email.

(Most of) you met at school in Northfield? Which school? Any great influences from teachers etc – were they helpful and encouraging or scornful?

We all met at Shenley Court. It was an odd experience because it was so bad that I cant remember doing much “Learning” as such. It was more of an eye opener than anything. I think people who went there had to grow up a lot faster because it was so rough and so much messed up stuff used to go on everyday. The teachers were all nice but they were kind of overpowered by the amount of chaos that the pupils brought. Ive heard its better now though.

What inspired you to keep going with music rather than go and get “real” jobs? ;)

Its just too fun. We have had jobs on the side for most of the time, but purposely didn’t go to uni or college so we could experience being in a band instead. I don’t think uni means as much anymore. Most of my friends who went and did a fine art or a music degree are now working in retail with no idea how to get into doing something they actually like so i’d rather just not bother and concentrate on making good tunes and earning a little bit of cash.

Where did you meet Anna and how did you convince her to join?! ;D

We met her at a house party on Addison Road in Kings Heath. Our friend lived there and put a music festival on in her garden. It was a propper D.I.Y affair but it was amazing. We watched her and she watched us and we got chatting. A week later we went on tour with Bombay Bicycle Club and asked her if she’d like to come along and give us a hand and she said yeah. Then after that we asked her to join for real because it felt like the right way for the band to evolve.

HMV Institute @ Dawn
HMV Institute, Digbeth by Tom Horton |

What are your proudest achievements so far?

The last tour we did was with The Twang and we played the main Room at the HMV in Digbeth. Its a huge, grand room. It felt nice. Being played on Radio 1 the few times its happened has been cool too.

What are the best and worst bits of what you do?

The best parts are getting to hang out with your best friends everyday. The worst part is not having any money and being 300 miles from home without any cigarettes or a place to sleep. It all works out in the end though, and its part of the fun of it I guess.

Where are you at now and what does the near future have in store?

At the moment we’re demoing for another release in 2011 and then playing a loaaaad of shows in summer. Hopefully go on tour again for a long stretch of time and have loads of fun and sleep with loads of girls (Apart from Anna of course).

What do you want me to plug and make … ummm… encourage people to go and buy/see?

Check out our tumblr –

Look out for shows on the “Shows” page. We’re gonna kick off a big run of gigs by doing a massive brum show in May-ish time. We’re gonna take over a big space and go really over the top with lights etc… GET READY!


Thanks Josh! *refrains from getting all middle-aged & motherly about the sleeping with girls comment* ;D

Good luck! (With the music… not the girls…..!!)


Thanks to Andy Watson of DRW-Images & Tom Horton for allowing use of their images

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