Last week we posted this brilliant old footage from Hollymoor hospital in the sixties.

We have since heard from the film maker, amateur filmographer Barrie Gould.

Barrie, now 66, is a retired lecturer and lives in an old cottage in the Welsh hills. He said: “I was a keen 21 year old when I got the job at Hollymoor, a really friendly place to have worked. I am sure if you asked the people that worked there would agree.

“When I first started to work at Hollymoor I was the head chef then managed to get promoted to Catering Officer.”

Barrie enjoyed filming events at the hospital and even ran a film club in the social club in the video, opened by TV presenter Tom Coyne (Midlands Today, Pebble Mill at One, Nationwide, The Archers and many more).

Mr Gould is saddened by the demise of most of the old hospital buildings. “I am still baffled at how the City council got the permission to knock it down as I thought it would have been listed. But of course although the sixties were a great time they were also a time of rebuilding and getting rid of Victorian buildings.”

Do you have any old photographs or footage of Hollymoor Hospital?

We’d love to see them!

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