I stumbled across this lovely footage from Hollymoor Hospital in the 1960s by Barrie Gould on YouTube.

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  1. Thanks. I’e posted your comment on twitter and facebook and hope that someone can help you more :) There is a book on the history of Hollymoor (the title of which escapes me!) – Frankley or Northfield library will be able to find it for you :)

  2. Can you tell me what happened to the records of people who were in residence at the hospital, ~I am trying to trace an old aunt who was in Hollymoor best part of her life.I believe her surname was Skidmore and an unmarried mother?( the reason for being in there) I would be grateful of any help.Thankyou in anticipation ,her first name may have been Maggie

  3. Hello Christine, I am afraid that when we took the church over in July 2011 there were no records available. Since reopening the Church it has been relicenced as a place of Christian worship and for the solemnisation of marriages. Eternal Life Church Ministries the charity who manage the building operate there Hollymoor Community Church, Eternal Radio and LIfe Line Food Bank. The ministries ministers are Stephen and Valma Merrick. Further information can be found at http://www.eternalifechurch.co.uk

    • I think you’re thinking of the old Rubery Hill hospital chapel – just off Great Park by the cinema? The Hollymoor Chapel is off Manor Park Grove – by the green tower?

    • yes I remember Mary very well, spent a great deal of her life on clent ward, what a character, I remember one of her catch phrases was “Tick tock” and another was “No buts its got to be buttered”

  4. My Mum Maureen Byfield had two spells in Hollymoor in 1960 and again in 1963. Any idea where the old medical records have gone to?

    • Most probably destroyed. This is because it was and is the policy of the NHS to destroy non-living persons records after I believe 5 years. My Grandparents both worked at Hollymoor.

    • Hi Sandy, my father was in Hollymoor a long time back. I was able to get medical records for him. I don’t believe they would destroy old records. try emailing Birmingham and solihull mental health NHS foundation trust for further info. or the national archives should have old records. I hope this helps


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