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A Rednal based film and video company, Free Spirit Film & TV Ltd is offering a Film and Digital Video Camera Operators Course to aspiring camera operators and filmmakers.

Director of Photography, Chris Weaver, will be running the course at the Midlands Arts Centre next month. Students will be taught the required professional skills that Producers and Cinematographers look for when recruiting for the Film and TV industry on the intensive two day course of theory and practice.

Chris has over thirty-five years experience in the film and TV industry, initially as a film cameraman working on high profile current affairs programmes and documentaries for the BBC and Independent Television, such as Panorama, Horizon, QED and 40 Minutes. He went on to work as Director of Photography on music videos, 35mm Feature Films and BAFTA winning TV programmes. Over the years, Chris has worked with numerous distinguished professionals including Michael Caine, Oliver Reed, Michael Jackson and many more, before establishing Free Spirit in 2004.

In addition to the February camera operators course, Chris intends to run a number of other ‘Film School’ courses covering topics such as film and video camera operation, TV production, film production and how to be a successful freelancer in Film and TV. He told me, “Because of the number of enquiries Free Spirit gets from people who are interested in working in Film and TV industry, we feel that there is a real need for these courses.

“As I’m sure you know, getting started in film and TV is very difficult and highly competitive, so we hope these courses will give people the edge by helping them get an understanding of how the industry really works and encourage them to develop their career further.

“It is our aim to pack the courses with information and offer people much more than the average course and provide them with something that will be of real benefit. We are also eager to make the whole process fun.

“Film and TV is an amazing industry, it encompasses so many creative and business skills, we want to help others understand how it all works so they can reach their full potential.”

For more details about the course, visit the Free Spirit website.


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