With some media reports suggesting that this winter’s pothole repair bill could run to millions of pounds throughout the West Midlands, Birmingham City Council have reassured residents that the issue will be addressed and has outlined what action it will be taking in a statement released today.

Safety inspectors have been briefed to look out for frost damage to carriageway and footway surfaces and we have dedicated teams on standby to respond to incidents reported by the public, with additional crews available should they be required.

Depending on the severity and volume of potholes, temporary repairs may be carried out before more permanent repairs can be made. Arrangements are in hand for supply chain partners to provide additional repair services for main roads if required.

Potholes and other street faults in Birmingham are identified by a team of Highways Inspectors but we are also encouraging members of the public to help, by reporting road faults and potholes.

You can report potholes and faults via:

Website: http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/streets

Telephone: Birmingham City Council’s contact centre on 0121 303 6644

Text: Text HIGHWAYS + Space + message to 07786 200 403. Accurate details of the location and nature of the fault should be included in the text to speed up the response.


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