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The travellers who were pitched on a car park on Great Park, Rednal last week have now moved to a site on Lower Beeches Road, Northfield.

The site is on a part of the road which is disused and derelict. Homes here were demolished almost ten years ago and the area has become waste ground awaiting development. The small group of travellers have set up on the vacant space.

A local resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, has voiced their opinion about their presence.

There is a piece of land near my house which has been left derelict for the last nine years. It’s used by passers by as a dumping ground and a dog’s toilet. A place for the local arsonists, somewhere the local drug deals can be done, oh and not forgetting the drunken youths and blown up stolen cars. So, on the whole, it’s a great place to live!

But no-one minds this environment and way of life. Has anyone complained or petitioned the council to do something with this land?


So when a travelling community move in and put this land to good use, what’s the problem?

I don’t see them stealing my kid’s bikes or burgling my house while I’m in bed, like some of my ‘neighbours’ have done!

I didn’t even know they were there until I was told and I certainly didn’t hear them, unlike the raving music coming from my neighbour’s car which can be heard day and night.

A lot of people in this area are unemployed.

The travellers’ children appear well looked after, well dressed, clean and well mannered. I wish this could be said for some of the young adults I see coming home from the local school!

Why is it so impossible to give these families a chance?

– Anonymous local resident

So, is it a problem for these families to be occupying this land for the time being? If they are not breaking any laws or troubling local residents, should they be persecuted? What could the council do to help traveller or gypsy communities ? Should the council help them? Let us know your views in the comments below.

I found this article on the Warwickshire Council website an interesting read: Gypsies & Travellers – Dispelling the Myths

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  1. If there not causing a problem, wrecking the land, intimidating local people, being violent etc. carring out illegal practises All things we are all capable of then i see no reason why they shouldnt stay.

  2. They did cause a problem. They left a huge pile of now rotting garbage behind, as well as the usual piles of hard core. They removed man hole covers, dropped kerb stones and lamp posts. They stole from surrounding properties. Here’s hoping they don’t come back for the third time in 12 months

  3. Do you know how heartbreaking it was when i heard that they were knocking down all the houses in Lower Beeches Road,i lived in Lower Beeches Road most of my childhood,and i could not imagine any where else i would have rather grown up in.When i heard about the gypsies moving there i was devestated,surley who ever were responsible for the devestation of the estate should have started building there imediatly to save the area being open to all who dont care to move in on the land.I am just glad i have all those wonderful memories of where i grew up.


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