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Northfield Car Care Centre, on Bristol Road South, is to participate in a new fundraising scheme for businesses created by Social Enterprise, Giveacar according to the Northfield Ecocentre website.

As part of the scheme, vehicles which fail an MOT test and need to be scrapped are collected by Giveacar’s agents and disposed of in a responsible manner. Any money raised from salvage and recycling is then donated to the charity chosen by the business. Northfield Car Care Centre has chosen to donate to Northfield Ecocentre, working in the local area to promote sustainable living.

“We have set ourselves a pretty big challenge, but we are excited and certainly the solution presented through partnership with Giveacar is one that Birmingham motorists have been waiting for,” said Steve Skidmore, Director of Northfield Car Care Centre.  “Scrap vehicles are a growing problem, especially in this economic climate and we can now ensure that our motorists’ scrap cars add value rather than being a burden and a risk to the environment.  Giveacar’s responsible recycling and disposal service is a breath of fresh air and has given us an opportunity to demonstrate our value of social responsibility in real terms– by being able to give something back to the local Community through donation of the profit from the scrap cars to the Northfield Ecocentre.”

Luke Olly, Acting Manager of the Ecocentre affirmed, “It’s great! A local business wanting to support a local charity sets a good example, especially in such a way that we can work together to protect the environment.  It also helps us continue to support local people to live a more sustainable life.  Without this sort of support, small charities like ourselves wouldn’t be able to make such a difference and we hope more forward-thinking organisations will follow their lead.”

Read full article by Luke Olly about the Giveacar scheme and Northfield Ecocentre


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