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Dave Adams started the facebook group ‘Northfield Past’ in May 2010.  He had an interest in local history and wanted to share with others in the area. “I have always had a interest in local history of Birmingham and in particular Northfield & surrounding areas. I have many books & photos on the area but I thought if I started a FB group or website it would be a way for other people like myself to share their memories & may even unearth some hidden photos or knowledge that other people may have had.”

The group has a large gallery of photographs showing Northfield, West Heath, Longbridge & Rubery in bygone years and has proved popular, having so far gained almost 2000 members.

Many of the photos are sourced from around the internet, Birmingham library services or individuals and shared using the popular facebook service. People also share links to other relevant media such as old news reel, and other interesting local news and projects.

Bristol Road, Northfield courtesy of Dave Adams

The group’s activities are not just confined to Facebook. Dave told me, “So far I have organised one local history night at the Black Horse public house, Northfield which attracted over 50 people. There has been quite a bit of interest by members wanting to organise another get together which I would be keen to do in the future.”

Dave hopes to move the group forward and hopes it will develop further in the future. “I would like to see the group develop more & eventually I would have liked to set up a seperate website & maybe even a book with contributions from other members, with perhaps lots of photos & memories they have of the local area.”

To join in, discuss, browse or to add your own images, visit Northfield Past on Facebook.

YouTube video of a day out to the Lickey Hills on a tram from the city, shared on the Northfield Past group by Dave Pittam.

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  1. What a great piece of Social History and how short sighted of the Council at the time. If they were still working just like in Switzerland, Zurich, Germany ans many more EU countries the money could be rolling in for the local community.
    What a great shame.
    By the credit to the film-maker and he must have been a keen amateur as it was shot on mm I think.


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