Some lovely seasonal images have been added to the B<31 Flickr Group over the last few weeks, here are a few of them. If you have any photos you want to add, please do!

A frosty morning view of Brum from Frankley Beeches
A frosty morning view of Brum from Frankley Beeches by Sas Taylor
Lickey Hills forest trail
Lickey Hills Forest Trail by Matt Osborne
Untitled by reaspring (Lickey Hills)
Untitled by reaspring (Lickey Hills)
Row of benches
Row of Benches (Beacon Hill) by Jonathan Swift
Northfield rooftops
Northfield Rooftops by Stephen Wheeler
View from the Lickeys
View From the Lickeys by Jonathan Swift
The reason I got very cold and damp knees this morning! At Beacon Hill, Lickeys
Cold Knees at Beacon Hill, Lickeys by Sas Taylor
26th November 2010 (Day 178) - Magic
Magic by Helen Ogbourn
Snow Bleached
Snow Bleached (Waseley Hills) by Moayad Hassan
Silver Lining
Silver Lining (Waseley Hills) by Moayad Hassan


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