Students currently studying at the pioneering City Learning Centre in Frankley are in doubt of what their future holds.

In September 2008, Frankley CLC started piloting The 14-19 Higher Level Diploma in Engineering, taking its first 32 students from five local schools. The centre is also involved with other exciting and innovative projects, such as F1 in Schools,  E-Missions in partnership with the National Space Centre and the Netbooks Project.

The Year 11 group of 09-10 was the first to complete the Diploma and they graduated with the highest grades in the UK, many wishing to go on to study the Advanced level. The CLC was established with central government funding as part of the Labour government’s Excellence in Cities scheme.

Labour councillor for Longbridge, Ian Cruise told me, “Imagine the shock when at the Diploma presentation, I found that funding has been pulled from March 2011. This will mean there is only enough money to fund the CLC until the end of this academic year. The current year 11 students will be able to complete their diploma, however the year 10 will be left in the lurch.”

Councillor Cruise is hoping to help the centre to secure funding so it may continue to thrive,  “I have raised the issue with both Richard Burden [Labour MP for Northfield] and the Shadow Ministerial team whist at [Labour party]conference. We will be lobbying hard to get the decision reversed.”


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