Eco Centre Swap It - image courtesy of Northfield Eco Centre

Northfield Eco Centre have been running a Swap It event for several months now, and would love you to bring your unwanted goodies down and swap them for someone else’s unwanted goodies!

What should you bring along? Pretty much anything is swappable, but larger items needn’t be dragged down to the centre!

Eco Centre volunteer Oli Sheppard told me, “With the Swap It we like to have relatively good quality things, not stuff that doesn’t work, obviously! Large items are generally advised to be seen through an advertisement, just a sheet of paper that says what the item is and when to pick etc.  We’d provide the ‘middle man’ between people advertising and people interested.  Clothes are a good thing to bring, same with ornaments and old games.”

Clothing, toys, books and more- image courtesy of Northfield Eco Centre

The general aim is to provide an event which helps keep things, which could be of use to someone else, out of landfill. Oli says, “Our aim at the eco-centre is to allow people to recycle old things and reduce waste as well as pick up something new! One man’s waste is another man’s treasure after all! We’d like the Swap It event to establish itself within the community, a monthly event whereby people can acquire something new as well as help the environment.”

Swap It takes place on the second Saturday of every month at Northfield Eco Centre (Next to Oulsnam Estate Agents on Church Road, Northfield) and the next one will be on November 13th between 10am and 1pm.

Northfield Eco Centre

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