4am Project: Birmingham: Counting seconds...
Image by sastaylor.co.uk

What does your world look like at 4am?

After going out around Birmingham at 4am to capture life during this magical hour, photographer Karen Strunks posted the resulting images on her blog and wrote about her experiences. After a positive response from blog readers &  twitter followers, she decided to set up the 4am Project.

The project encourages photographers of all abilities to get up, get out (or stay in!) and help document what the world is like at 4am. A flickr group and the 4am Project website pools these images from around the globe.

Karen has since arranged several 4am Project dates, organising and encouraging meet ups of photographers in Birmingham and beyond, including a 4am trip to Birmingham Wholesale Markets and one to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. The project has gained support from 4iP, Screen WM and Advantage West Midlands.

The next 4am Project date is 17th October 2010. Karen will be in New York at the time, working on her new photographic project The Big Apple Unpeeled.

We’d love to see your pictures of the Northfield, Rubery, Frankley, Longbridge area at 4am, like this one from a previous project date by local photographer Adrian Burrows.

Frankley Beeches No2
Frankley Beeches at 4am | Image courtesy of adrian-burrows.co.uk

So get out into your street, or high streeet, or local park, or garden, or even do something artistic in the warmth of your home! You don’t have to have an amazing camera, use any camera you have, even a cameraphone! It’s not just about stunning images, it’s about recording a space in time we don’t normally see. Upload your 4am pictures to flickr (you can set up an account for free, if you don’t already have one) and add them to the 4am Project group & the B31blog group. If you can’t make it on October 17th, you can add pictures from any day, so long as they were taken between 4-5am.

We look forward to seeing your pictures!


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