I was hoping to get over to Cofton Park yesterday, as I was aware that a larger area was going to be closed off from today, and wanted to get more pictures of how things are developing. Unfortunately, I was unable to and now this has happened……!

Building the Pope Wall, Birmingham
Image courtesy of nicnac1000 via flickr.com

Looks like I won’t be getting many pictures over that 11 foot fence! (Wonder if it’s visible from space?!)

Luckily Donato of Bostin T-Shirts did pop over yesterday and tweeted a few images, which you can see on his plixi account.

If you have any photos of the disruption,  *ahem* I mean, developments in the park which you’d like to share, upload them to flickr and add them to the B<31 flickr group so they’ll appear in the group pool feed down there –>

Or email them to me if you don’t have a flickr account or you’d like me to post them directly onto the blog.


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