Cofton Park Papal Visit 19th September 2010
On Sunday, Marty & I grabbed the kidlets and pottered off over to Cofton Park to see the Pope, pilgrims & protesters.

Took lots and lots of pictures, mostly of people waiting to get a glimpse of the Pope as he left the park and of the protesters and the reactions of pilgrims as they left the park and passed by the protesters.

There were fewer people on the streets than I’d expected to see but a good number turned out. The protest group was small but well positioned and received a wide range of responses from passing pilgrims – from singing, friendly jibes, respectful nods & smiles, proud flag waving, shouting, swearing, spitting and even the odd threat!

Click the arrows in the bottom right corner to view a full screen slideshow & press escape to close.

Even more images can be found in our Papal Visit Flickr set


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